Food / treats

Food / treats

Have you ever been confused as to what you should be feeding your pet? Have you ever wondered what is in your pet’s food? We have!

Which is why we have hand selected, and taste selected the brands we carry in our boutique. During this process, we consulted with a certified pet food analysis who has a degree in pet food. You are more then welcome to consult with her when visiting our store, or book an appointment to discuss how you can improve your pet’s quality of food, their needs and of course, taste. It’s not about the brands but what is in the food that really counts. That’s what we are all about here!


All of our Wild Bites products are:
Made in Canada using the highest quality ingredients, Free-Range, Non-Medicated, Lean Exotic Meat, Very high in Protein and low in Fat, No Fillers, Colours, Preservatives or Spices, Grain-Free, Gluten-Free, Wheat-Free.

Single Ingredient Treats. Human Grade Ingredients. Unique Protein Sources. Our treats are made with premium, high-quality, human-grade meats or vegetables, nothing else. We offer many protein sources: beef, bison, camel, duck, elk, emu, kangaroo, lamb, ostrich, red snapper, salmon, shrimp, turkey, venison and yak. We provide alternative choices for animals needing hypoallergenic options. We have remedies for pets made with flower essences and other herbal remedies to address physical, emotional and behavioral issues in pets.

Artisian makers of grain-free, organic, human-grade, premium dog treats. Feel free to take a look around, and get to know us a little better.


Boréal was manufactured because my brother and I feel that we needed to change how we fed our pets. Too many pets are eating foods that are heavily processed and full of ingredients chosen for low price and storage benefits. The result is our new Boréal line of pet food, providing you with a balanced, thoughtful grain-free solution so your dog or cat can eat a diet similar to what their ancestors ate. Canadian made using only the best ingredients.

Smack is proud to earn the distinction as the only 5-star rated Canadian raw food, “Enthusiastically Recommended” by the most recognized and respected website in the world for dog food reviews – The Dog Food Advisor – providing non-biased dog food reviews covering over 3,500 commercial dog foods.

We make all our own dry food, in-house, by pet owning experts who take great pride in what they do. Family-owned. Independently minded. Made in the USA. No recalls, and the company has no debt.


Weruva’s foods are formulated with the obligate carnivore in mind. We revolve nutrition around high quality protein, minimal carbohydrates, and high moisture content.



Sojos offers several varieties of natural raw dog food. Each recipe is designed to maximize your dog’s health and well-being. Try our Complete Turkey (Grain-Free) or Complete Beef (Grain-Free) Dog Food and just add water or check out our Original (Wheat and Corn-Free) or Grain-Free Fruit & Veggie mixes; simply mix in your own fresh meat to either!



Since 2001 Primal Pet Foods has been committed to elevating the health of your pets. From complete and balanced Formula diets along with supplemental foods in our Mixes & Grinds line to our full line of Primal Treats, we use only the best ingredients because that’s what your pets deserve.


PetKind’s history of sourcing only the best ingredients is what inspires us. All of our products are MADE WITH Organic Canadian & Peruvian Quinoa, so they are not only gluten and grain-free, but provide an added protein bonus. And, we never add potatoes (lowering the glycemic index), corn, soy, grains or wheat.

Crumps Logo

Crumps Naturals
We are a family owned business with more than a few Crumps taking time to make sure the product your dog or cat consumes is of superior quality each and every time. “Naturals” because everything we sell is 100% all natural product. Never will there be fillers, additives, preservatives or colours added to any product sold by Crumps’ Naturals.


Fruitables® is truly different. Amazing aromas and tastes that are unlike any pet food today. Combining taste, aroma, texture, and design to create an experience that is as pleasing for you as for your pet family member. Take the Fruitables® Challenge™ and smell the difference!



Grandma Lucy’s
For 15 Years…. we have cooked, freeze-dried and packaged only the finest pet food and treats. Every Grandma Lucy’s product represents our family’s belief of delivering only the best!


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We have tried a lot of raw food in the past and Ziwipeak is one of our favorites. Our pooches love the all natural, raw, full-balanced food ingredients, made with fresh, natural, raw meat and organs, and; no artificial additives, no preservatives, no fillers and no grains. Absolutely Nothing artificial. Only the best natural ingredients for thriving dogs and cats. It’s what healthy feeding is all about.

ZiwiPeak is air-dried for convenience with sealed-in moisture. Comes from the cleanest, greenest New Zealand pastures and oceans. Nothing but natural goodness and essential vitamins and minerals. Simply think of it as a fully-balanced, wild-prey diet for your dog or cat.


Why choose ”Walk about dog treats?” Simply because: “Our objectives were simple; we wanted to supply your dog the healthiest food possible”. Containing the perfect mix of premium lean proteins, healthy oils and antioxidants to help your dog be at its best which is what our boutique is about!


Feel good about what you’re feeding your pet all the time! Reward your pooch with a quality treat.


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Food / treats

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