What’s cuter than a photo of something cute?

We want your pet’s 2017 photos! Please post and vote for the cutest photos online! Once posted, share with your friends and family and encourage everyone to vote. Upload your photo(s).

To enter the competition, site visitors must log in and follow the steps to ‘Enter the Competition’ from the website. Entrants will need to upload an entry photograph of their choice in order to complete their entry and fill in the appropriate information.We will approve the picture and it will then be uploaded for voting!


Your Pet could win you Prizes! The most votes on Jan 2, 2018 will win 3 months of Pet Food provided by Precise (value up to $300.00). Your choice of flavor. SORRY – THIS WILL OCCUR JANUARY 30TH 2018 DUE TO THE CONTEST PROMOTION BEING DELAYED- SORRY EVERYONE!


Must be a resident of Edmonton and/or within a 60-minute commute of Edmonton City Centre.


You will retain the copyrights to your pet photo and any copying of your photo by website viewers is strictly forbidden.


We may use your winning photograph in our advertisements and marketing material. In the event of a draw whereby more than one entry achieves exactly the same, highest number of votes there will be an additional ‘Tie-breaker Round’. The votes will be reset to zero at the Tie-breaker Round Start Date. These Finalists will be displayed on the website for a further 12 hours from The Final End Date. The Finalist to achieve the most votes during this period will win.